It's Official: The Flip Phone Is Making A Comeback

The Motorola RAZR is set to be resurrected

First released in 2003, the Motorola RAZR became the iconic flip phone of the early 00s, selling more than 130 million units and cementing itself into pre-iPhone zeitgeist, but, as the smartphone revolution gradually took over, it faded into technological obscurity...until now.

Tapping into our constant craving for all things retro and nostalgic, it looks like Motorola are bringing back the flip phone, teasing a suitably throwback trailer that suggests a new RAZR is coming soon.

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Drug dealers and teenagers rejoice! While the iPhone might still have all the bells and whistles, the one thing it can never replicate is that unquestionably satisfying snap of the flip phone when you've just concluded a big time deal. Not that we ever conclude big time deals, but you know the feeling?

Look for the new RAZR to be unveiled 9 June at Lenovo Tech World.

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