10 Times Football Managers Did Something Unintentionally Hilarious

From Wenger's zip to Rafa's magic hand, you will laugh

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Oh how we all laughed at Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce throwing some Dad shapes in a Marbella night spot during his recent pre-season break. 

It reminded us of all the funniest football manager clips to have surfaced on the internet over the years.

It's time to relive the fun.

1 | The Alan Pardew samba

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2 | Harry Redknapp ball-gate

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3 | Arsene Wenger zip problems part 1

4 | Arsene Wenger zip problems part 2

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5 | Ian Holloway rant Number 128

6 | Louis Van Gaal faux slip

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7 | Rafa Benitez's magic hand

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8 | Jose Mourinho walks out

9 | Paolo Di Canio fights his own player

10 | Steve McClaren goes on about nothing in a stupid Dutch accent

BONUS if you actually missed Big Sam's moves in Marbella.