Someone Tried to Sell Sia's Nudes, So She Posted Them On Social Media For Free

Sia 1, creeps 0

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The Australian singer-songwriter Sia this week discovered someone was planning to sell her nude photographs to the press and beat them to it, releasing the image herself.

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Last night, the 'Chandelier' singer posted a blurry image of the back of her body on Twitter and Instagram with the caption: 'Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!'

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Fans of the singer took to social media to congratulate the star on reclaiming her body and showing anyone who tries to profit from unsolicited images of her nude body where to shove it.

The post also posed the perfect opportunity for the Aussie-born star to promote her first Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas.

Two birds one stone and all that.

From: ElleUK