21 Of The Most Mesmerising Football Gifs Of All Time

The beautiful game. On repeat

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That Cryuff turn, that Zidane spin, that Bergkamp flick: mention any one of these to a football fan and they'll instantly know what you're talking about. 

No sport has given us quite as many breathtaking and iconic moments as the beautfiful game. And thanks to the internet and people being bored at work, we now have an endless supply of gifs that offer a grainy glimpse of our favourite football moments.

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From Balotelli and his bib to Roberto Carlos and his free kick(s): these are the most mesmerising gifs in the history of the game ...in our opinion, anyway.

Johan Cryuff turn
The original and best: This was the first instance of the famous Cryuff turn. That poor defender.
Ronaldinho Skill
No one embarrassed opposing teams better than Ronaldinho circa 2006
Zidane Turn
The Zidane spin that spawned a million dodgy playground attempts
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Only a man as arrogantly gifted as Zlatan Ibrahimovic would dare try a behind the head back heel volley, and then pull it off.
Messi with a feint of equal parts beauty and abject humiliation, against one of the best centre backs in the world no less.
Dennis Bergkamp
You can watch this Dennis Bergkamp turn a thousand times and still not be quite sure how he did it.
Steven Gerrard
The miss, the buckle, the facial expression: This Steven Gerrard howler is like a Greek tragedy in gif form
Gareth Bale
Proof that Gareth Bale doesn't just run really fast in straight lines...Only most of the time
Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos got a lot of improved contracts from this one goal, but what a goal it was.
Mario Balotelli
The man, the myth, the bib: this gif is like a snapshot of Mario Balotelli's career: confused.
Lionel Messi
Now you're just being greedy Lionel
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez with the fabled assist and goal combination...all completely intentional, of course
Cristiano Ronaldo
David James still wakes up in a cold sweat over this Ronaldo thunderbolt
Kid football
Put down your phones, kids
These are the kind of skills that got Isco a spot on Real Madrid's bench
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger trying to do up the zip on his coat is like a metaphor for Arsenal's season: So close, frustrating, embarrassing, and then just a bit pathetic
Vincent Kompany
This one goes out to the defenders: Vincent Kompany one of the few centre backs who can turn the tables on Messi in full flow.
For a bloke who drank 9 pints a day and ate twice as many pies, Gazza really was a once in a lifetime talent.
Sagna Save
Another piece of incredible defending, this time courtesy of Bacary Sagna. That slo-mo is delightful.
Maradona Dribble Gif
The one that broke (English) hearts and dropped jaws worldwide. Football's portliest and snortiest maverick proving why he was such a legend.