5 Things Every Man Should Know About This Week

Your cultural(ish) guide to the week ahead

Your cultural(ish) guide to the week ahead

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MOVIE: David Brent: Life on the Road

When: 19 August

It's finally here, and don't worry: it's Esquire-approved.

We were as worried as anyone that David Brent's big-screen resurrection would ultimately underwhelm, and tarnish the legacy of comedy's most cringe-worthy son.

But safe to say, Gervais has pulled it off with aplomb. Check out our full review here.

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EXHIBITION: What Do You Meme

When: 18 - 22 August (Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lane)

So you spend your every waking moment scrolling through dank memes on Reddit and sending them on to seven different unresponsive WhatsApp groups, do you? Don't worry, you're not wasting your life - turns out, you're an art connoisseur.

Peckham's The Back Room Gallery is putting together a free exhibition celebrating internet memes, and how they have come to be used as a tool for communication across cultures.

What's more, they're also selling 'meme cocktails', whatever the hell that is. Check it out here.

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MUSIC: Kiefer Sutherland – Down in the Hole

When: 22 August

Yessiree, that Kiefer Sutherland. In a move straight out of the Bruce Willis playbook, the Hollywood angry lad is releasing an unexpected album of Americana-infused bangers.

We've listened to a few of the tracks, and – honestly – it's shaping up to be a lot better than it has any right to be.

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TV: The Mystery of Van Gogh's Ear

When: Now (BBC iPlayer)

Why did Van Gogh take a blade to his own ear?

"Because he was a kooky mad arty bastard," we hear you scream through the office window, " Now just leave the poor bloke alone. He's been through enough."

Well nah - that answer isn't good enough for us, and it certainly isn't good enough for Jeremy Paxman, who's dedicated an entire BBC documentary to finding out the true reason for the painter's lobbed-off lobe.

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MOVIE: Nine Lives

When: 19 August

Christopher Walken transforms Kevin Spacey into a talking cat. There's probably a little more to the plot, but to be honest that's all we need. Let the Oscar buzz commence.