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'Glorious' Erotic Photography By Frank De Mulder

Photographer Frank De Mulder’s got the best job in the world – hard to dispute, on this evidence


Frank De Mulder has been shooting gorgeous women in a mode marked erotic for 25 years, the Belgian-born photographer’s work appearing in Playboyand Elle. His muses are beautiful women, also the subject of his latest coffee-table collection Glorious.

De Mulder’s models are seen in fantasy locations, dressed to the nines and then delicately, taking it all off. There’s a Love Hotel (one guess what goes on there), some uninhibited splashing around in the ocean and before you know it, girl-on-girl action. Hey, such things happen when you’re cavorting around in lingerie for a living.

Happily for De Mulder, he gets days to develop this level of togetherness with the girls. He explains his method: "Often there is little time to establish a rapport with the model. It usually takes a while before she feels comfortable in her role. That’s why my best shots emerge once we’ve been out together for several days."

Smart man, Frank De Mulder. And lucky.

Glorious (teNeues) is out now