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The 30-Second Review | Lawless

The 30-Second Review | Lawless

In a nutshell: brothers, brawls and booze. 

Lawless is the real-life tale of three tough-living bootlegging brothers in Depression-era Virginia. It is directed by John Hillcoat, who made 2005 Aussie Western The Proposition and once again calls upon rocker Nick Cave for screenwriting duties.

Tom Hardy is Forrest Bondurant, with knuckledusters in his cardigan; Shia LaBeouf is Jack Bondurant, who runs afoul of both the law (Guy Pearce) and the mob (Gary Oldman); and Jason Clarke is Howard Bondurant, who doesn’t do much at all.

A classic tale of dustbowl fisticuffs, throat-slitting and gut-stabbing that’s not for the queasy.