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Game Of Thrones Characters Given An 80s Makeover

Arya Stark

Life in Westeros isn't great. Famine, war, mass-murders at special occasions – and the citizens of Westeros even get a pretty bum deal with their sartorial options, too.

Thankfully, someone has done something about that last bit. Mike Wrobel, a Tokyo-based French artist, has reimagined the Game Of Thrones cast with outfits and attidues inspired by the 80s and 90s.

We particularly like the San Andreas vibes coming from Jamie Lannister, Rob Stark's preppy varsity jacket (complete with a wolf stitched onto the chest) and Bronn's Adidas tracksuit.

Click through our gallery, and check out the rest of Mike's work here, which includes illustrations of Game Of Throne's most iconic scenes, as well as Breaking Bad and True Blood.