The Highlights From Esquire Townhouse: Day Four

All the action from the final day​ of Esquire Townhouse with Dior

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After a packed four days of culture, discussions, eating, drinking and all round good living, Sunday saw the inaugural Esquire Townhouse with Dior come to an end. 

Here are the highlights from the last day of what was a fantastic weekend, including a talk on Hitler's secret drug habit and a screening and retrospective on a British classic.

Blitzed: How Drugs In Nazi Germany shaped WWII by Norman Ohler

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While the idea that the entire third reich was hopped up on class A's might sound like a sensationalist headline, German author Norman Ohler's compelling new book Blitzed makes a very good case for it.

Ohler was in the Esquire Townhouse to discuss his work and to reveal some of the lesser-known secrets behind the Nazi's obsession with stamina and endurance, an obsession that resulted in near nationwide consumption of Pervitin, the active ingredient of which is methamphetamine. Good for stamina, apparently. 

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There was also talk of Hitler's complicated relationship with the opiates and cocaine that were prescribed to him by his long-serving doctor Theodor Morell, and how the führer's growing dependency may have directly influenced the outcome of World War II.

Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. 

In Conversation With Nick Hornby

One of Britain's leading novelists and screenwriters, Nick Hornby has authored modern classics like High-Fidelity, About a Boy and Fever Pitch, along with screenplays for Wild, Brooklyn and An Education... so you could say he's quite a busy man.

Nick joined Esquire Deputy Editor Jonny Davis in the Townhouse to discuss his career, inspirations, the art of writing from a woman's perspective: "The idea that writers can't ventriloquise genders is ridiculous", and modern culture:  "Pop culture is what we're making and doing… which is not opera." 

There was also compelling conversation on modern Hollywood and the process of adaptation and script development, as Nick's script writing work takes him into the inner sanctums of the L.A. film scene. 

20th Anniversary Screening of Trainspotting With Producer Andrew Macdonald

 One of the defining films of the '90s British Zeitgeist, we were lucky enough to have a special showing of Trainspotting in the Townhouse screening room to celebrate the heroin-fueled black comedy's 20th anniversary.

After revisiting the tumultuous lives of Renton, Sick Boy, Begby and Spud we were joined by Andrew Macdonald and Rachael Fleming, respectively the producer and costume designer who were both vital in bringing the cult Irvine Welsh novel onto the big screen and to the attention of a generation of viewers.

With the film's sequel set to be released on 27 January in the UK, a select crowd were able to listen in on how a film shot for little more than £2 million came to become synonymous with the times. 


Take a look below at some other images from the last day of Esquire Townhouse with Dior. See you next year!

Abul Shah