5 Things Every Man Should Know About This Week

Featuring time travel, aliens, fiction and ambient sound

Including Stephen King's new small screen thriller and the start of your summer reading list

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1 TV: 11.22.63

While the premise of an English teacher played by James Franco trying to prevent the assassination of JFK after stumbling upon a time portal may sound like a bad April Fool's joke, 11.22.63 comes with pedigree.

JJ Abrams produces, while the show is based on a Stephen King best-seller, with reviews stateside erring on the quietly positive. Now all we need is that rumoured Netflix series of It.

11.22.63 begins on FX from 4 April

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2 Book: How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won The FA Cup by J.L. Carr

JL Carr's 1975 novel about an unheralded football team challenging for a top prize could not have become a Penguin Modern Classic at a more pertinent time, aping as it does Leicester City's crack at the Premier League title.

Barely ever in print and until recently only noticed in mid-table slots on broadsheets' best-sports-book lists, this novel is witty, topical and clocks in at just 122 pages, making it perfect for any Leicester city supporters looking to calm their nerves on the coach down to Chelsea for the last game of the season on 15 May.

How Steeple Sinderby Won Wanderers Won the FA Cup is published on 7 April

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3 Film: Midnight Special

Mysterious phenomena are the backbone of the gripping sci-fi film Midnight Special: religious cults, other dimensions, off-the-grid living and young boys who can pick up radio signals and bring down satellites all featuring heavily.

Michael Shannon stars as Roy, whose first act appears to be the kidnapping of his son from a cult leader who sees messiah-like qualities in the boy, before hitting the road with the FBI and the cult in pursuit. While definitely still a sci-fi film, director Jeff Nichols has made a blockbuster with the usual bombast and bullshit replaced by ideas and intrigue.

Midnight Special is out on 8 April

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4 Album: Junk by M83

For Junk, the seventh album under the M83, Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez has ramped up his take on lush electro-pop, enlisting the sounds of big name collaborators such as Beck and rock guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

Befitting a man who took his nom de plume from a celestial body 15m lightyears away, there's a sci-fi spine to his new record, but not so cold and knob-twiddling that listening to it is a sterile experience.

Junk by M83 is out on 8 April

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5 Book: Prodigals by Greg Jackson

Of the eight stories in Prodigals, Greg Jackson's first book, the greatest is "Wagner in the Desert", recounting a long, woozy week of pills, thrills and heartache in California.

Jackson's funny, vibrant and insightful storytelling, highs and lows included, makes you wish you were there. He's a terrific writer and Prodigals deserves to be on your summer reading list.

Prodigals is published on 7 April