Original Storyboards Reveal Crazy Alternative Ending To Jurassic Park

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If you were a child of the 90s then Jurassic Park likely played a huge part in your cultural upbringing, compounding both an irrational fear of, and love for, dinosaurs. You've no doubt got the classic storyline burned into your brain and eyeballs, too.

Well, turns out things could have been very different. According to fan page Jurassic Time, images from an 'Early Sequency Storyboard Binder' have emerged posted by Phil Tippett who worked as a 'Dinosaur supervisor'.

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The fan page says that: "This is an early look of the first version (Version A) of the sequence, and was not scripted at this stage immediately after Crichton's final draft. It later became adapted into Malia Scotch Marmo's screenplay, but with numerous alterations."

This alternative ending includes a helicopter chase with the kids being dramatically pulled into the helicopter as a t-rex snaps at them.

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Here's the original storyboards which show the different ending in mind for Jurassic Park.

Would it have been better? We'll never know.