76 Year-Old Patrick Stewart Reveals The Simple Way He Has Stayed In Shape

Hench AF

Not bad is he? For a man of seventy-six Patrick Stewart actor looks in better nick than the rest of us whilst chilling on a beach, cocktail in hand.

The Star Trek actor has revealed the secret to his firm physique isn't a £500-an-hour personal trainer or a gym with a 14 year waiting list, but something very achievable.

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"Push-ups. It's that simple," he said a few years ago after his Golden Globes nomination.

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But being the cool customer he is, he pointed out that his body wasn't on his mind at the time.

"It wasn't the abs I was thinking of showing," he said. "The pink shorts, the pink beach shoes and the pink cocktail I had in one hand - I was colour coordinated and that was what it was really about."

That is what it's really about.