The Trailer For The New Biggie Documentary Is A Star-Studded Tribute

JAY-Z and Nas have their say

After the Tupac biopic fell a little short of expectation, the pressure is on for the forthcoming Notorious B.I.G biography documentary.

Luckily the trailer for Biggie: The Life of the Notorious B.I.G looks like it won't disappoint with commentary from JAY-Z and Nas, praising him as a revolutionary and describing him as "The Greatest To Ever Touch The Mic".

And unlike those cringe-worthy Kendall Jenner t-shirts, the biography documentary has been authorised by his estate and speaks to his widow Faith Evans and his close family and friends..

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The documentary is produced by Creature Films in association with Entertainment One and directed by Mark Ford who is also producing a forthcoming documentary about the 199s L.A riots.