Frost and Pegg: bonus round! Part 2

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Yesterday, Simon Pegg answered seven out of 10 questions about his best bud and Paul co-star Nick Frost correctly. Not bad going. Today, the pressure's on Nick. How well does he really know "Peggy"?


ESQ: What is Simon’s most treasured childhood possession?

NF: Shit, I don’t know. His sister?

SP: It depends. Nick bought me a storm trooper helmet for Christmas and I prize that very much. Something I still have from my childhood, probably my Star Wars toys.

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Nick scores 0 points

ESQ: What is Simon’s favourite part of his physique?

NF: I think he’d probably say nothing. His arms?

SP: My eyebrows.

Nick scores 0 points

ESQ: You’re both invited to a fancy dress party — what does Simon go as?

NF: Maybe one of the Borg. Or what’s-his-name from American Werewolf. There’s so many good ones. Boba Fett?

SP: Something simple. Probably a Ghostbuster, or maybe a Reservoir Dog.

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Nick scores 0 points

ESQ: What is the worst haircut Simon has ever had?

NF: Simon’s hair remains oddly the same. I don’t think he’s had a weird or odd haircut in 17 years of knowing him. Oh… I think he, the first few years he went through a phase of dying it white-blond. That’s probably the most different.

SP: My Rick quiff, probably, back when he met me.

Nick scores ½ point

ESQ: What is Simon’s favourite smell?

NF: Me! No, I’d say his daughter — post-bath Tilly.

SP: Playdough, freshly baked bread, Nick’s cooking.

Nick scores 0 points

ESQ: What would Simon most hope to find in an airport vending machine?

NF: Green tea.

SP: At the moment, a good quality still water. Diet Coke. It depends what phase of my life I’m in.

Nick scores ½ point for general healthiness theme

ESQ: What is the most embarrassing thing Simon has ever done in public?

NF: He’s done a few. At our mate Smiley’s wedding, he jumped onto a big swing and it snapped, and he fell to the floor and everyone laughed at him.

SP: Nick and I once walked up and down the street with our trousers round our ankles. It was on a night when I hadn’t been drinking for a while and we went out in Camden. This was way, way, back — I tend to try and keep a lid on behaviour in public, but I remember walking through Kentish Town with Nick, stripped from the waist down. I don’t know who saw.

Nick scores 0 points

ESQ: What phenomenon in modern life is most likely to wind Simon up?

NF: I’d say something like celebrity, generally. The cult of shit celebrities – not people who work for a living.

SP: Celebrity journalism.

Nick scores 1 point

ESQ: If Simon were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

NF: A Siamese cat. He’s had a Siamese cat before and he’s quite feline in his ways, but then they can also scratch…

SP: A dog. Because I think I’m quite dog-like, quite affectionate and devoted. I have a lot of love to give and it’s fairly unconditional. But I’m also quite protective and fierce — if you get on the wrong side of me I will bite you.

Nick scores ½ a point for wrong animal but right characteristics

ESQ: What is Simon’s favourite joke?

NF: I don’t know.

SP: My favourite is the one about a man who goes into a pet shop and says, “Can I buy a wasp?” The guys says, “We don’t sell wasps.” He says, “You’re a liar. I saw one in the window.”

Nick scores 0 points

NICK’S TOTAL SCORE is 2 ½ out of 10

Simon wins! But of course there are no losers in this game; only one winner, plus another would-be winner who couldn't quite be arsed. Don't forget to check out Paul, out on 14 February.

What do you think?

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