First Look - 127 Hours

Combining two of the most exciting figures in international cinema with one of this generation's most compelling true-to-life stories, "127 hours" - unveiled last night at the close of The BFI London Film Festival - is the film event we've been awaiting all year.

Out on general release in early January, Danny Boyle's film tells the story of 20-something adventurer Aron Ralston and his life-changing canyoneering accident in Utah's Blue John Canyon. Staring this month's cover star, James Franco, the film was bound to get our attention, and by all accounts - including that of our Arts Editor, click here to read her preview - 127 Hours is one of Franco's greatest performances to date. And, what's more, considering Franco's reputation as more of a scene stealer than a leading man, he holds himself with ease in Boyle's (latest) seminal picture.

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We wouldn't want to ruin it for you (though everyone knows how this story ends) but the closing scenes of the film will make even the most stoical of men squirm in their seats. Stiring stuff.

We've got our hands on an ecxlusive pre-release trailer of the film, so sit back, enjoy and embrace the next few months of anticipation.

Words by Teo van den Broeke