Channel 4 offers a mixed bag of nuts

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For those who are still able to handle the idea of risk, Channel 4's Comedy Lab is now underway. It's the regular slot in which they test out new comedy writers in late-night 30-minute shows and the results are usually — and given the law of averages, understandably — mixed.

We'll reserve judgement on some of the dodgier looking ones, but we're particularly looking forward to Kristen Schaal (recognisable to some as Mel, The Flight Of The Conchords' number one and only fan) in Penelope Princess Of Pets on Wednesday at 11:05pm. We might also tune in on Thursday at 11:25pm — just in a professional capacity you understand — to see Danny Dyer and The Inbetweeners' James Buckley take on weekly lads' mags in Filth. Join us if you dare.