Who are you calling a stalker?

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As well as exposing one of the most shocking applications of eyeliner ever seen, Sean Donnelly's new documentary, I Think We're Alone Now, gives a startling insight into the lives of two so-called "stalkers", whose existences revolve around their love of Eighties shopping-mall singing sensation Tiffany.

The film follows Jeff, a middle-aged Californian with Asperger's Syndrome, who believes he and Tiffany are in love and who once sent her a bunch of flowers and a samurai sword (a high honour in Japan, as he explains), and Kelly, a hermaphrodite from Colorado whose flat is decorated with black and white pictures of the singer and annotated photos of lesbian snogs ("Kelly" and "Tiffany").

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The two arrange to meet at a Tiffany PA in Las Vegas — a scene full of comedy and pathos, for of course their two realities, in which they are both in devoted relationships with the singer, cannot coexist. Though at times it feels like watching an extended X Factor early auditions show, it's a fascinating, sympathetic — and, at times, deeply troubling — study of two unusual individuals.  

I Think We're Alone Now is out on DVD on 5 March, www.ithinkwerealonenow.com