The Bespokesman — Win when you're swimming

Call it fashion fatigue, or call it the Tony Blair effect, but this summer I’m content to rest my Vilbrequin swim shorts. Which leaves only one other brand in serious contention for the not very hotly contested job of supplying me with beachwear. The label is Orlebar Brown.

A runaway success since it was launched in 2007, OB’s suspicion that men would rather wear stylish, grown up and flattering swimwear than ugly, childish and unflattering swimwear has been validated. The range consists of four British-made models, all of which seem like idealised version of Fifties and Sixties board shorts - albeit without the insanely high waistbands our fathers sported as young men. I’ll be sticking to solid colours, navy blue to be specific, although I’m currently unsure whether I’m sufficiently trim for the Setter, or whether to play it safe with the Bulldog. From £120

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