The Alan Partridge Style Guide

Driving gloves, tie and blazer badge combo

The finest broadcaster to emerge from Norwich, Alan Partridge will soon be heading back to our screens with the release of his first film Alpha Papa.

As North Norfolk Digital's very own "siege face", comedy legend Alan will have to chat to save his life when sacked colleague Pat Farrell snaps and cuts loose with a shotgun. With Alan turning action hero, he'd no doubt want to take inspiration from his favourite film The Spy Who Loved Me and save the day in the most stylish way possible.

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Like his real-life counterparts, he's always had eclectic tastes when it comes to fashion. Trademark outfits include a green blazer, tie and badge combo, shorts that are just too short and the kind of driving gloves that even the Top Gear team wouldn't touch.

Describing his look on a sojourn to Paris, Alan observed: "[It's] classic English gentleman abroad, it's David Niven, Stuart Granger, Nigel Havers. It's a green blazer. The look? Imperial leisure."

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With Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa arriving in cinemas on 7th August, Esquire celebrates the style moments of the man who coined the term "sports casual".