How Mad Men Might End

This month, our favourite US period drama is rolling into its final series. Here's where Esquire reckons our favourite characters might end up in their final scenes 

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Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is famously secretive about the direction of the show, which enters its seventh and final series this month.

The season is being split into two parts shown this year and next, entitled “The Beginning” and “The End of an Era”.

It’s a shrewd guess that the show will end on New Year’s Eve 1969, as the characters’ odyssey through the US of the Sixties comes to an end.

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So where will everyone be come midnight? Here’s Esquire’s take on how the final scenes might pan out.


1 | Pete Campbell

Pete approaches a beggar on a street corner. He offers him the diamond engagement ring rejected by Peggy Olson.

“I’ll give you this for your bottle of bourbon.”

They swap.

Pete downs the bourbon and lashes out at the helpless beggar.

The ring sparkles in the gutter.

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2| Peggy Olson

On the street, Peggy bumps into Joan Harris and her son, Kevin. The women nod to each other and walk off. Joan’s secret is safe with Peggy.

Or is it?

3 | Michael Ginsberg

“Oh boy, how did I get here?” Michael says, nervously looking around a gay bar. “Relax!” Bob Benson says. Salvatore Romano sashays past in drag, tickling Michael under the chin.

“Ah, what the hell,” Michael says.

4 | Betty Francis

You embarrassed me in front of my friends!” Henry Francis yells at pregnant Betty.

In the bathroom, Betty looks in the mirror, and calmly applies make-up to a bruised eye. She returns to the New Year’s Eve party, and, on the stroke of midnight, turns from her husband to kiss Kem Cosgrove.

5 | Joan Harris

Joan clutches a fur collar to her throat. Her driver stops the limousine at a church. “Come with me, Kevin,” she tells her son. She sweeps into the graveyard with a bunch of red roses and places them on ROGER STERLING’s grave.

“Who’s that, mommy?”

“No one you know, sweetheart.”

6 | Sally Draper

Sally has come a long way since she stepped out of her mother’s shoes. Determined to be her own woman, she kisses her African-American boyfriend in the street.

Passers-by gawp in amazement.

Glen Bishop, who has followed her to declare his love, shoots himself in the head. Blood spatters Sally’s stockings.

7 | Megan Draper

Megan drinks champagne with her family in Quebec. “It’s midnight in New York,” she says wistfully. “Forget New York,” her mother drawls. “You are a star in Hollywood now.”

An advert for Lucky Strike comes on the television.

Megan buries her face in her hands and weeps.

8 | Don Draper

The phone rings in Don’s office. He answers, scotch in hand. “Don?” department store heiress RACHEL KATZ says. “Is that you? I wanted to say...”

“You’ve got the wrong number,” Don says.

“This is Dick Whitman.” He hangs up, opens a window, watches fireworks explode, and pours his drink into the street below.

 Mad Men’s final series starts on Sky Atlantic this month



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