Ben Affleck’s Batmobile Is Better Than Christian Bale’s

Director Zack Snyder has tweeted an updated image of the Batmobile. And it looks fantastic

With the release date of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice still a long way off, director ZacK Snyder continues to tease fans with glimpses of what we can expect.

So far the official images we’ve seen are Batman-heavy, with pictures of the new caped crusader brooding beside a partly obscured batmobile and a close up of Ben Affleck’s chin.

Now, Snyder has tweeted a new image of the film’s batmobile in all it’s glory and while the vehicle does retain some of the elements familiar to fans of Nolan’s films – particularly the chunky, military feel and sloping cockpit – the biggest surprise has to be the inclusion to the guns at the front. Traditionally anti-guns, Batman nevertheless employed them on his batbike in The Dark Knight Rises, and the new weapons may indeed come in handy against Superman in 2016’s film.

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The new Batmobile also looks to have a greater degree of mobility and looks battered and bruised – a perfect match for an older, weary Bruce Wayne.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is released on 25 March 2016

Is it better than Bale's? Let us know below


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