Leonardo DiCaprio's Teaming Up With Scorsese For A Sixth Time

Thank movie heavens

In a world filled with mindless sequels and reboots, there are only a few remaining things that gets our hearts racing when it comes to film, one of them being a Martin Scorsese-Leo DiCaprio partnership.       

So consider our hearts racing: it's been announced that the duo are to work together for a sixth time on The Devil in a White City, an adaptation of Erik Larson's 2003 novel.

DiCaprio – who bought the film rights back in 2010 (as you do) – will play Dr HH Holmes, a serial killer who used Chicago's 1893 World's Fair to lure victims to their deaths in a labyrinthine building known as Murder Castle... Darker than The Wolf of Wall Street then.

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While the actor has dabbled in the more intense roles over the past decade (Shutter Island, Inception), it seems – following Django Unchained – he's veered into full-blown unhinged psycho mode.

In other words, he's going all out for that Oscar.  


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