Short Film Of The Week: Five Stone Of Lead

Inside the world of Ireland's grassroots racing scene

This brilliant short from Just So London uncovers the fascinating and rarely-seen world of grassroots horse racing, where young jockeys race in silks on the beaches of Ireland's dramatic west coast, striving to one day make it as professionals. Jockeys like 12-year-old Dylan whom the film follows as he prepares for the prestigious Glenbeigh Races in County Kerry.

‘The west coast is an inspiring part of the world and it gets in your blood,’ says director Jonny Madderson. ‘It’s wild and rugged and feels like the edge of the earth. The people there are natural storytellers. It’s a great place to make a film.’

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The film is part of Just So's Postcards series celebrating the short-form documentary film, a genre that definitely seems to be on the rise.