How To Bulk Up Like A Rugby Player

Four gym moves to get your body pitch perfect

The only downside to watching the Rugby World Cup is how out of shape it can make you feel.

But bulking up for the big hits is possible if you stick to the right work out.

Here, Esquire's personal trainer Harry Jameson picks four power-boosting exercises.


1 | Single arm squat push press
This works the quads, glutes, core shoulders and arms. With your arm bent, hold a dumbbell up to your shoulder. Squat down, then push the weight above your head before lowering. Do 4–5 sets of 8–12 reps on each arm, 60secs between reps.

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2 | Interval treadmill push
Stand on a turned off treadmill. In a low position, grip the handles and start to move your feet to get the track going, as if you are pushing a car. Run for 25secs and then jump your feet to the side of the treadmill and allow the tracks to stop. Rest for 25secs and repeat 5–10 times.

3 | Plyometric box jumps
If you don't have a plyo box, a step or weights bench will do. Stand in front facing the box and explode upward, landing softly with both feet on top. Either step back down, or jump, trying to land equally as softly. A set is 10–15 reps, aim for 4–5 sets with 1min rest between each.

4 | Clap press-ups
This helps fend off opponents with force. In a press-up position brace your abs. Lower yourself then push up as hard as you can and clap your hands together in front of your chest, land softly and repeat 10–20 times. Rest for 1-2mins, repeat 4–5 times.