Gerard Pique Has Been Voted 'Most Handsome Player' At The Euros

Here's how you can get the Barcelona man's looks

Gerard Pique, the man at the heart of Barcelona and Spain's defence, has just been named the football player at this summer's Euro that looms largest in the hearts of women as well.

An impressive three quarters of 1,891 women surveyed by said they fancied the former Manchester United player, putting him ahead of Frenchman Olivier Giroud and compatriot Jesus Navas who were second and third respectively. England's attacking triumvirate of Wayne Rooney, Harry Kayne and Jamie Vardy surprising did not feature.

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In the spirt of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em', we spoke with our man Adam Brady from award-winning London barbers Ruffians to find out how those of us without Pique's talent or money can at least get his seemingly winning combination of barnet and facial hair.

"Pique has got thick, straight hair. The good news for this hair type is that it shows no sign of diminishing; the bad news is that it has a tendency to stick out quite prominently, meaning that a mid-long look is never going to be ideal," explains Brady.

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"However, Pique has managed to 'tackle' this dilemma, by going for a tight back and sides. It's not too short though, so it still manages to retain some texture. The barber has given him a gradual taper up towards the top section, with no disconnection. The hair on top is choppy, natural and textured, bringing in this year's most sought after men's hair trend.

Brady continued: "It's a low maintenance cut – there is not much effort involved in the day to day styling: just run through the roots of the hair and use fingers to shape. Perfect for an active lifestyle, really.

"The beard has improved his look hugely, elongating his face and concealing a quite small chin. He has kept it reasonably tight to his face in order to accentuate his cheekbones. Gerard has definitely not reached Pique beard… (sorry). 

"A great product to achieve the Pique look is Ruffians Styling Pasteuffians Styling Paste, naturally."

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