9 Pictures That Will Make You Delighted You're Not Going To Glastonbury

Images show this year is already a washout

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Feeling distraught you've missed out on the festival of the year? Well there is really no need, with the forecast continuing to promise rain and thunderstorms throughout the long weekend.

So if your friends Whatsapp thread is going off about how 'sick' Disclosure is going to be and how they're nine Red Stripes down before the M4, take a look at this.

We're queuing in the rain just queuing in the rain... #glastonbury #glastonbury2016

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The water is literally bursting out of the ground. 'It's only a bit of rain!' #glastonbury #glastonburyfestival #glastonburycrew

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Day 1 - Cider Time

A post shared by Tim Broxup 🐈 (@timbroxup) on

🌧 livin the pie life #Glastonbury

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#glastonbury2016 #mudgnificent #times ahead

A post shared by Vincent Howcutt (@lovefromvince) on

When they return they'll tell you they didn't notice the rain, that it actually made it 'more fun.' And you will smile and nod, of course it did.