The Two Biggest Egos In Hip Hop Are Collaborating

Drake and Kanye West? Or Kanye West and Drake?​

One man's Instagram handle is Champagne Papi, the other has likened himself to Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Steve Jobs. Together they are Drake and Kanye West - or is that Kanye West and Drake? - and they're releasing an album.

During Drake's OVO festival in his hometown of Toronto, Kanye took to the stage to address the gathered with the following rallying cry: "Toronto, I got one question for you. Is y'all ready for this album?" He continued, "No I'm not talking about Pablo. I'm not talking about VIEWS. I wanna ask y'all right now, y'all ready for this album?"

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Kanye has already teamed up with one hip-hop monolith in the form rap gargoyle Jay Z, for 2011's Watch The Throne, while Drake released a 2015 mixtape with Atlanta rapper Future.

This could either be an electric moment in rap music history, or a steaming pile of pretentious s**t - either way, it's definitely going to be entertaining to see it unfurl. 

Kanye West and Drake
Best friends forever?