Watch Amy Schumer Hilariously Throw A Sexist Heckler Out Of Her Show

"I was going anyway." Sure you were

Who are the people that heckle at live comedy? The sort of people who hope that, despite being sat watching someone who is literally being paid to be funny, what they say is so lol, people will instead invite them on stage. 

If you've ever felt compelled to do such a thing, let what happened at Amy Schumer's stand-up performance last night be a warning.

Two minutes into her show in Stockholm, a man shouted, "Show us your tits!" With banter that below par you can only assume the man had never seen a pair.

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What followed was Schumer destroying the man by forcing the audience to pick him out, asking him his job and upon his petrified mutter of, "Sales," asking wryly, "How is that going for you? Because we're not buying it."

She then, to rapturous audience applause, warned the utter berk that, should he shout it again, he would be asking to see people's tits in the car park.

Being evidently a moron and possibly feeling the need to cling to the last fibers of his dignity he did shout it again, only for Schumer to have him escorted out by security.

"I was going anyway," he announced on his departure. Sure you were, mate.

What do you think?

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