Watch This Visually Impaired Footballer Channel Messi To Score A Wonder Goal

​All hail Behzad Zadaliasghari

The next time you're lurching your way into the box during 5-a-side, only to slice your golden opportunity embarrassingly high and wide (we can help you with that, by the way) then take a moment to appreciate visually impaired footballer Behzad Zadaliasghari, who has just scored one of the silkiest goals you're ever likely to see.

Representing Iran against Morocco at the Paralympics, the mercurial number 10 picks the ball up on the far side of the pitch, before calmly sashaying past four defenders in a manner more than a little akin to Messi, with his gliding run culminating in a drilled shot past the keeper and into the bottom left corner of the goal... all while blindfolded.

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In visually impaired football, coaches are allowed to shout instructions at the players, while the ball contains a bell or ball bearings to help the players locate it. That and the goalkeepers can see fully, which makes the finish even more impressive.