This Is How Much It Actually Costs Apple To Make An iPhone 7

There's a reason they're worth $624 billion

If you want to know how much it actually costs to make that shiny new Piano Black (what even is Piano Black?) iPhone 7 sitting smugly in your pocket, then we finally have the answer.

According to the clever analysts at IHS Markit, it costs $224.80 (about £170), to build a 32gb iPhone 7, with a retail cost of £799, which is tidy little profit margin for the big dogs over in Apple HQ.

While the shape of the new iPhone is very similar to its predecessor (which cost $200.10 to make), an improved camera and screen, as well as an increased base storage capacity of 32gb instead of the 16gb you could buy in the past.

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They've got to keep making those billions somehow, we suppose.