Instagram Opened A New Office That Looks Just Like An Instagram Feed

So much natural light and happy, smiley hipsters

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In a bid to make spending 40+ hours a week locked inside building devoid of fresh air and freedom more pleasurable, Instagram has built a brand new office that looks very nice indeed. 

In a sort of cult-esque, hipster way of course.

Partnering with design firm Gensler, the three-storey office block is just a hop and a skip away from Facebook HQ, the ominpotent social media overlord that bought the company for $1 billion back in 2012.

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With space for 350 employees, the office is said to "feel like a 3D version of the app," according to a spokeswoman. 

Lots of photos of avocados and people pretending to be happy then? 

Take a look at more of the interior in the images below.

Lots of white. Lots of windows. Lots of greenery. Lots of white. LOTS OF PRODUCTIVITY.