This Inspirational Hero Knits Jumpers Of Places Before Visiting Them

We're in awe

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Filling your suitcase with kitschy tourist tat is one of holidaydom's purest joys, but people usually wait until after they've visited a landmark before stocking up on novelty equivalents.

But that's not the case with serial tourist Sam Barsky, who has gone viral on Reddit after he revealed his vast collection of landmark-inspired jumpers that he knits before every single one of his holidays in anticipation.

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"I started knitting in March 1999 and made two solid coloured sweaters followed from a pattern," Barsky told Mashable.

Barsky has knitted 103 different jumpers, featuring odes to Times Square, Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower.

But it's not just landmarks - he'll whip up a jumper over almost anything. Gaze in awe at some of his work below…