Fernando Torres Has A Doppelgänger... And He's Massive

This is a bit weird, isn't it?

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If, like us, you've always wondered what world-beater-turned-haunted-PTSD-ridden-football- husk Fernando Torres would look like if he was stacked, then wonder no more! Because he has a lookalike, an eerily similar one... and he's massive.

Contrary to what your naive, human eyes might be telling you, the oiled up man on the right is not a photoshopped version of Atletico Madrid striker and perennially sad man Fernando Torres, but in fact fitness model and Londoner Shaun Stafford.

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Not Torres.


So far there has been no word from Stafford or Torres nor their representatives on this remarkable likeness. Obviously we will keep you updated on any further developments should they arise.

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