The List Of Musicians Playing At Trump's Inauguration Is Fascinatingly Bad

Bit of a cringe

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President-elect and hot stone massage receptionist Donald Trump was always going to have a hard time booking star musicians for his inauguration.

After all, 99.9% of the entertainment industry spoke out against him in the election. With every passing day, it seemed like a fresh chart-topper had ruled themselves out of a lucrative appearance on Trump's stage.

It was expected, then, that Trump would attempt to top Obama's celebrity-drenched inauguration by reeling in a host of jingo-peddling country & western stars. It would at least quench the appetite of his follower base, most of whom value bad hats over literally everything else in the world.

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But we didn't expect this:

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Go out onto the street. Pick a randomer. Give them 200 English pounds and ask them to organise a music line-up for any event. It is inconceivable that they would come up with something worse than this.

With the exception of Toby Keith, who very much falls into popular strong-jawed hat-wearer safe zone, this is a complete shitshow of a line-up. This reads like a music festival organised in 2 hours through Craigslist.

3 Doors Down? Tony Orlando? One half of Sam & Dave? Some of the Rockettes? This is veering far too close to so bad it's good territory for our liking. Have a listen to some of their greatest hits below: