Inside The £200m Mansion They're Calling 'The Eighth Wonder Of The World'

Quite spacious

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Thinking of moving house? We hear you. A fresh start. Change is good.

Suggestion for you: how about this place on Bel Air Road, LA? It's new on the market from property developer Bruce Makowsky.

It's a bit pokey – just the 12 bedroom suites, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens and five bars - but there is a handy 85-foot infinity pool, if you decide to have a party or something.

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If it rains, you can just get everyone inside to the dining room.

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Or the cinema / bar area. Whichever.

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Or, y'know, the bowling alley. If that's your thing.

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There's room to keep a bottle or two of bubbly around for the adults.

And some sweets in the game room for the kids.

And the next morning, you can work off the hang over in the gym.

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Or the spa. Whatever.

Then if you get bored, take one of the cars out for a spin.

How much is it? Look we don't need to talk numbers right away. Just decide if you like place first and we'll take it from there.

OK, fine - $250 million and it's yours. Can't say fairer than that. Daylight robbery really.

We'll drop the keys round on Monday.