You Can Now Get A Degree In Kanye West Studies, Because The World Is Completely Insane

Seems like a solid foundation for a successful career

In a twist of beautiful modern irony, Kanye West, the man who's debut album was titled The College Dropout, is to have an entire college course based on him.

If you attend Washington University in St. Louis, you can now enroll on a course titled: 'Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics.'

The module will be taught by Dr. Jeffrey McCune, who according to The St. Louis Dispatch, describes it as a "good way to get students to connect issues of politics, race, gender, sexuality and culture."

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"I always wanted to teach a course looking at black genius and the impossibility of black genius for the American public. We're always thought of as maybe being articulate or smart but not really genius. Kanye really uses hip-hop as a vehicle to display all of his talents, albeit some better than others."

Any word on this new course based on your genius, Kanye?