40% Of Americans Want To Impeach Donald Trump, According To Public Policy Polling Company

And 52% said they want Obama back

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Don isn't having an easy start to life as President thanks to the rapid implementation of a raft of divisive policies.

This in addition to the fact he lost the popular vote by 3 million people mean a fair few Americans are pissed - so pissed that a recent poll has claimed two-fifths of the country want to impeach the new President.

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Additionally over half a million people have signed up to a petition by campaign group Impeach Trump Now following his refusal to sever ties with his property empire upon becoming President.

The Public Policy Polling company - a Democratic polling firm - found 48 per cent did not favour impeachment and 12 per cent were unsure.

In news that will undoubtedly upset DJT even more, the same polling company found that the majority of Americans - 52 per cent - want former President Obama to return to the White House.

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The numbers are likely due to his controversially policies which also polled poorly. Only 33% of Americans believe repealing the Affordable Care Act is the right course of action, with 46% supporting Obamacare.

Just 26 per cent, were in favour of his 'Muslim ban', and 53% of Americans think it was executed incompetently.

Sean Spicer will no doubt be holding up annotated pieces of paper to explain why these numbers are WRONG any day now.