Bolton Ripped A Homophobic Football Fan Apart On Twitter

Well done Bolton

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Bolton put a homophobic football fan firmly in his place after he posted an offensive tweet about Manchester United after their announcement that they're partnering with LGBT equality charity Stonewall.

United have become first club in the UK to team up with the charity in an ongoing bid to tackle homophobia and discrimination against the LGBT community in the sport. They have also officially joined the TeamPride coalition of global businesses in the process, which aims to dissolve discrimination and prejudice. And which definitely sounds like progress to us.

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However, the aforementioned supporter went on to tweet at Man U and Stonewall: "I'd rather support Bolton Wanderers than a club that endorses immorality without considering the fans."

This didn't go unnoticed by The Wanderers, who immediately tweeted back (decorated with a rainbow emoji): "We'd rather you didn't. "

Fans and Chelsea FC were also quick to support the club and ridicule the so-called fan on Twitter too....

Meanwhile, United's group managing director Richard Arnold told reporters (via The Mirror): "Manchester United always looks to be a leader in everything it does and we are proud to be the first sports club to sign up to TeamPride.

"The club has an ongoing commitment to equality across all areas and, with 659million followers around the world, it is our responsibility to show support and recognition to everybody who loves this football club.

"We have built up a positive working relationship with Stonewall and it's a great way for us to learn from each other and progress together as we strive for equality for all of our supporters."