It Looks Like Arsene Wenger Will Stay On As Arsenal Manager

But what about all the 'Wenger Out' banners?

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After a 'challenging' month that has seen the once hushed murmurs for his head quickly flourish into popular opinion,it's understood that Arsene Wenger will not be leaving his post as Arsenal manager next season.

Wexit is on hold, lads... for now

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Hot on the heels of a 10-2 aggregate battering by Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Arsene and his band of strugglers suffered further ignominy against West Brom, slumping to a 3-1 defeat that puts them nine points behind second placed Tottenham and 19 behind league leaders Chelsea; results that many see as justification for Wenger's resignation.

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But what does Wenger say to that?

Arsene Wenger
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After the loss at The Hawthorns, Wenger said that he had made up his mind about what he was going to do regarding his future, but he had yet to tell anybody. "You will know soon," he said. "Very soon."

Yeah, that's a plane flying a 'Wenger Out' banner above The Hawthorns

It's now understood that Wenger has no plans to quit and that the Arsenal board are happy for him to stay on, having already offered him an improved contract earlier in the year.

The real challenge, however, is believed to be selling this news to Arsenal's fans, most of whom are not particularly happy with the club's current state of affairs.

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Arsenal are currently staring down the very real possibility of missing out on a top-four finish for the first time since Wenger came to the club in 1996, but that isn't what's affecting Arsene's decision.

"It will not necessarily be linked with that because I've done the top four 20 times," he said.

"It's more … it's not that. I take a bigger perspective. It's not the last result that will decide what I will do."

Arsene Wenger: stubborn till the end.