Harry Kane Shuts Down Piers Morgan Arsenal Kit Jibes In The Best Way Possible

Your move, Morgan

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Piers Morgan: cultural provocateur, Twitter troll and a man with a totally shapeless face has, in the name of charity, agreed to remain silent on social media and beyond all day today.

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"In support of Red Nose Day, I have begrudgingly agreed to stop tweeting, writing, broadcasting and just generally running off at the mouth for 24 whole hours," he explained earlier in the week.

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"As you can imagine, this doesn't come naturally and I anticipate some relentless taunting (I'm looking at you, Gary Lineker…)"

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Not only this, Morgan, an Arsenal fan, took things a step further by promising to wear a Tottenham shirt if the British public raised £50,000 (you can donate here)

"So if you would like to see me suffer a great humiliation for a great cause, sponsor me now," he added.

This prompted Spurs fan Sir Alan Sugar to spread the word...

Which prompted this response from the Tottenham striker... (still with us?)

Morgan then tried to throw a jibe at Kane for his Arsenal supporting past.

But Piers obviously underestimated Harry's Twitter trolling skills, as he brought out the stats to put Morgan well and truly in his place.

Thankfully, the target was met and Piers is currently silent on Twitter and wearing a Spurs shirt.

Thanks, Harry Kane!