Patrick Stewart Has Just realised He Is Kellyanne Conway's Twin In Drag

The actor shared the similarity on Twitter

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Sir Patrick Stewart has finally accepted that he is "twinsies" with Kellyanne Conway when he doled up in drag for his American sitcom.

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Could this lead to a Saturday Night Live appearance alongside Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Melissa McCarthy's uncanny Sean Spicer? We're sure Kate McKinnon wouldn't mind.

The Logan star shared a composite picture of himself donning a luscious blonde wig and fake eyelashes, pink lipstick and a matching coat next to Trump advisor Conway in similar attire and make-up.

He added the caption: "Twinsies"

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Fans on Twitter couldn't get enough of Stewart's apparent "cosplay" to the Republican counselor, and complimented him on the startling resemblance.

Stewart had posted the picture of him dressed up as woman for the second season of his US comedy Blunt Talk in April last year, so it's taken almost a year for the striking similarity to be pointed out by fans.

The actor plays British broadcaster Walter Blunt in the series who moves to LA with his alcoholic manservant to present a sanctimonious talk show.

Speaking about impersonating a woman in his role as Walter, he admitted previously (via Deadline): "We English love getting into women's clothes, don't we?

"And that was my first, can you believe it? In a 56-year career, that was the first time I ever put on a skirt and high heels.

"I found it terrific fun. It's quite changing in the way it makes one feel, though the biggest problem was the four-inch heels. I took them home for a weekend and my poor wife, Sunny, had to tolerate me tottering around the house so I could get used to walking normally in them."