Pamela Anderson Looks Incredible In New Lingerie Campaign While Declaring Love For Julian Assange

Former pin up shot by Rankin for Coco De Mer

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Having already dedicated an entire essay/poem/we have no idea what it actually is to Julian Assange, Pamela Anderson has yet again spoken out about her relationship with the sun-deprived WikiLeaks founder in a new photoshoot and interview.

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Modelling Coco De Mer's new lingerie in a campaign shot by the photographer Rankin, the 49-year-old spoke to People Magazine about her workout regime, taste in classic French literature and the Ecuadorian embassy's favourite stowaway.

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"I don't work out much," Pam said. "I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum.

"I was in a beautiful hotel with a tiny gym, and I did tried the elliptical a few times," she explained.

"I read on it — I'm reading Napoleon and Josephine in French right now. It's a little boring to be in the gym unless I'm reading!"

We couldn't agree more, Pamela. No workout is complete without a few chapters of Crime and Punishment.

#cocodemeruk #Icon Collection #rankin

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Pamela also found time to discuss her rumoured romance with Julian Assange.

"Julian is one of my favorite people," she added. "He's a gentleman, he is extremely smart, resilient. Julian is truly to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this."

A true love story for our times.