Here Are The Official Happiest And Unhappiest Places To Live In The U.K


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Happiness. It's nice to be happy, isn't it? When you're larking about with your pals in the late spring sun and maybe you're going for a big dinner later and you've bought a new coat and it fits you just right. When you walk down the street and smile at a passing stranger, your mutual eye contact a fleeting and poignant acknowledgement of the beauty and sheer unlikelihood of two people being able to share such a moment.

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Being happy is a good thing. Which is why you'll want to read where the happiest parts of the U.K are.

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Thanks to the good people at The Office of National Statistics we now know that those lucky residents who are eking out an existence in Mid and East Antrim are, officially, the happiest in the U.K.

By using the criteria of life satisfaction, how worthwhile the things you do in your life are (like hobbies and s**t), happiness and anxiety, the study showed that the people of Mid and East Antrim are 8.39 on the happiness scale... that's a thing.

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Second in this most hallowed of lists was North Kevesten in theMidlands (8.31), followed by Mid Ulster (8.28).

It's a celebration

Anyway, here's the map of the happiest places in the UK.



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