"F**k Your Mum." The Immortal Words Shouted By Road Rage Driver As He Cuts Up Jeremy Vine

Obviously not a fan of Radio 2?

Love them or loathe them, we must begrudgingly admit that even cyclists are human beings who (mostly) deserve not to be mowed down on the road. Even if they're wearing lycra and even if their name is Jeremy Vine and you just HATE Radio 2.

Even then.

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Minding his own business while cycling in West London (where else would he live, really?), your aunt's favourite bookworm radio presenter was unceremoniously cut up by, of all things, a Mercedes 4x4.

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Rather than admit his mistake, the driver decided that the best course of action was to hurl some classic playground insults at poor Jeremy.

"F**k your mum!"


We hope you're doing ok Jeremy, people can be so mean out there. They really can.

Stay strong, brother.