A Bella Hadid-Backed Bahamas Music Festival Has Descended Into A Living Hellhole Full Of Feral Dogs

Fyre Festival is not going to plan

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Visit the Fyre festival website, and you'll immediately be met with the sight of glittering seas, sprawling yachts, booming DJ sets and smiling supermodels.

Visit Fyre Festival itself, however, and…

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The Bahamas festival, promoted by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Ja Rule, promised a decadent show of music, food and luxury accommodation. Tickets for the event cost up to £10,000.

But when revelers arrived upon the party island, they found an unfinished site full of discarded rubbish and feral dogs.

Guests were told they could expect to stay in 'modern, eco-friendly, geodesic domes', but many on Twitter have compared the accommodation to disaster zone relief tents. There have also been reports of tents catching fire.

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What's more, the food served at 'chef-curated culinary pop ups' didn't quite match up to expectation…

One Twitter user at the festival has been uploading pictures of the botched festival, which many are trying to leave.

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And he's set up a live feed here:

For their part, Fyre Festival have labeled the situation an "unexpected start".

Yeah, you could say that lads.