BBC Historian Dan Snow Corrects Trump's Latest Claim With An Excellently Geeky Tweet

Expect the nukes to land any minute now

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What with the looming threat of impeachment threatening to end his catasrophic tenure as President before he's barely had a chance to destroy the environment, eliminate women's rights or start a nuclear war, Donald Trump probably wouldn't be too bothered to learn he's been humiliated by a historian on Twitter.

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Actually who are we kidding - he's probably set up a FOX News interview immediately to deny it.

In any case the response of one man to POTUS's latest outlandish claim – that "no politician in history...has been treated worse, or more unfairly" – is worth reading for a laugh.

The Donald made his latest desperate claim while addressing graduates of the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut on Wednesday.

As always, his argument was that by accurately reporting that batshit stuff he does and says the media is waging a biased war against him.

Even if that were entirely true, BBC historian Dan Snow had a wonderfully geeky response that has been gleefully RT'd by thousands.

Warming to his theme, Dan went on.

Isn't it funny what a little bit of education can do.