Danny DeVito Endorsed Jeremy Corbyn On Twitter, And Let's Just Say The Reaction Was Varied

The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star set his stall out

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Danny DeVito is very funny, very, very small and very, very, very loveable. So needless to say, any politician would be chuffed to receive the Always Sunny actor's endorsement in the build-up to an election.

So what British politician did DeVito big-up on Twitter today?

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It's ya' boy Jezza.

It's been a bumper week for the Labour leader's Twitter feed. Not only did he receive the Taxi star's endorsement, but he also sat down for a well-received politics chat with grime pioneer JME.

As PR goes, it's been slightly better received than Theresa May's inspiring pledge to 'stop giving people things, and also take some of their things'. Of course, there was bafflement:

And support:

And fury:

And below, some live, NSFW footage of Danny bursting onto the UK politics scene: