Is Sir Alex Ferguson Trying To Start A Beef With Jose Mourinho?

Shots appeared to have been fired in Scot's latest interview

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Hardly known for his scintillating brand of football, Jose Mourinho has nevertheless carved a formidable C.V. out of maximising the tools at his disposal and creating teams that are very, very hard to beat (see every 1-1 draw United had last year). But that might not be good enough for Sir Alex Ferguson.

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In a recent interview with UEFA, the most infuriatingly successful manager in Premier League history (for every non-United fan, anyway) discussed the evolution of modern attacking football, and made a few comments about score lines that could well be aimed at Mourinho's siege mentality approach to grinding out results.

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"The counterattack has become more prominent today - the condition of pitches is superb today. And also the protection of footballers has become more prevalent, so a lot of these things add up to what you're seeing as a far better spectacle."

The boys

"I think you have a duty and a responsibility to entertain", he added (are you listening, Jose?). "We have to always remember that there's a public to be entertained. In my time at United, it was 'as long as you win' - if it was 4-3, OK, or 5-4, OK. My last game was 5-5 [at West Brom on 19 May 2013]! I couldn't ask for a better score in my last game at United."

Ferguson then credited the great Barcelona team coached by Pep Guardiola and spoke about the importance of teams using the ball well.

"Possession now is definitely starting through your centre-backs and your goalkeeper.

"Barcelona, I think, were the originators of that - Pep's team. It was probably one of the best European teams of all time. As long as you have possession, your opponents don't. When I was at Aberdeen, that was one of the lessons we had to instil in the players.

"We have to make sure we're still producing players that can penetrate with a pass - like Paul Scholes or Michael Carrick, Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo."

Ferguson must have forgotten to mention Fellaini!


Knowing Mourinho (which we don't), any feud is a good feud, even if it's with his employer's most-decorated manager and omnipresent ambassador.

Watch this space... and Mourinho's next press conference.