Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About Trump Leaving The Paris Climate Deal

A bit of humour as the world burns

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Last night Mother Earth wept as Donald Trump withdrew from America's commitment to the Paris Climate agreement. The accord, signed in April of last year, saw commitments from 195 countries to hold the increase in the global average temperature to below 2 °C. America now joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries not to invest in the agreement.

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Trump's reneging on the deal saw global condemnation with actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio commenting, "Our future on this planet is now more at risk than ever before."

Trump's statement, opening with a jazz quartet that felt remarkably similar to the band playing as the Titanic sank, saying that it was in order to put "America First", inadvertently implying that earth would have to come second.

With little else to do besides cry, a lot of people took to Twitter to make the same joke about Trump's "pulling out".

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Crude, but fair.