Alan Sugar Tweets A Picture Of How Much Tax He Pays

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Lord Sugar hasn't exactly hidden his disdain for Jeremy Corbyn during this election campaign.

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His attacks on the left-wing politician have caused many Corbyn fans to grumble that Sugar doesn't want a Labour government because of the tax implications that would come with it. An accusation that caused the businessman to whip out his most recent tax cheque and tweet it to the world because, sure, we all have our latest tax payment lying around in cheque form.

He has since deleted the tweet (you would, wouldn't you?) but not before it was captured for posterity so generations to come will know the Lord Sugar paid £58,646,024.44 in tax.

Sir Alan Sugar

He said: "To the people who have responded to my advice not to vote for Corbyn saying I want to avoid paying tax . I paid this personally in January".

Sugar, previously a Labour voter has said that he will shut down businesses in the UK if forced to pay the raised corporation tax that Jeremy Corbyn is proposing. Though, as many are pointing out, where he would go is unclear as the UK has the lowest corporation tax within the G7.

Some were quick to praise his contribution and point out how we need to keep wealthy individuals in the country:

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Others weren't impressed by his giant cheque and bags of money though: